We have given ourselves more challenges, we hope that your music can be shared with the people around us, so we continue to conceive better products, and finally we have created an unprecedented product that will break the traditional application and Leading the trend of the market.


The power of innovation:

  • Young team:
  • Every one of our ideas comes from a group of young product managers who are constantly polishing and they have more agile and bolder ideas.
  • Efficient work:
  • We have efficient structural engineers and technical engineers so that we can quickly verify every bold idea.
  • Open platform:
  • We don't constrain the work of each engineer, let them have more time to think as much as possible.
  • Mature production:
  • Companies working with PEIKO have up to 15 years of experience in their respective industries and can quickly help us with production deployment
  • our products:
  • We always insist on innovation and create different products, but this is not limited to technology.




The way we think

We insist on thinking from the customer's point of view and breaking the rules with a leading interactive strategy thinking model.

We firmly believe that every successful project is the result of good cooperation. We think together and innovate to help our clients find the best interactive solutions close to their target audience.


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    TWS Bluetooth translation headset

    Bluetooth sports headphones





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