Shenzhen Peiko Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech development-oriented enterprise integrating network integration and modern manufacturing development, including intelligent terminal manufacturing, software design and development, production and sales of same-frequency translation Bluetooth headset.


    Since its establishment, the company has established a stable and highly creative and energetic scientific research team, with scientific research equipment and development methods that are in line with international standards, using top technology, and rapidly occupying the market with a vigorous corporate culture and a practical entrepreneurial spirit. The company insists on providing customers with network precision services, continuously realizing the development of the whole industry chain of science and technology, and putting wisdom on the ground. In 2017, the company developed the world's first same-frequency translation Bluetooth headset, which won the invention patent awards at home and abroad, and has been exported to more than 200 countries and regions around the world so far.


     In line with the business philosophy of "Empowered by all things, pry life with science and technology", the company will persistently develop the enterprise into a first-class modern technology industry company with unique characteristics in the industry and maximize the value of society.